Our greatest strength comes during trials and tribulations.You are a fighter inside and never let anyone shape how you feel about yourself. Stand up get up and show up for every opportunity. Let your story be a blessing to someone else. When your story is heard and shared it can help someone put things into perspective for themselves and heal.Keeping our darkest days to ourselves won’t release the light to someone who needs it. You are David and your sexual assault abuse, molestation, and rape are Goliath and it will be knocked down no longer put on a pedestal.No longer sit back and let life run you it’s time for you to take the reigns.Own your truth and walk in your light which will lead you to your happiness. Don’t ever listen to someone who ignores your pain because they’ll cause you to bask in the hurt. Let your passion and drive allow you to be a voice for the voiceless.A child could of experienced the worst but by you standing up that child witness an overcoming. That child sees their future of strength through your steps and experiences empathy through your eyes.Shame will never seep into your mind again because you’ve realized your highest worth. Elevation comes with acceptance and self compassion once you’ve reached that level your elevation will transpire. Life is grand if we live in the present heal the past and plan for a brighter future. Your dreams can always become reality when you do the work. The work isn’t just physical being a hard worker in society that work is emotional, mental and spiritual. You are never the cause of any type of abuse never ever let that thought enter your mind or shape your behaviors.Any abuse that occurred was apart of your story but never let it create your character or define your destiny. Let me tell you about how abuse can feel it can feel like being beaten in front of the world and then having to replay the event a billion times in your head but never having anyone to speak about it to.Overcoming abuse can feel like being locked in the dark for years and finally being let out for fresh air and getting the first taste of love and safety. Never let anyone tell you that healing isn’t possible for you because it is it’s completely obtainable. Envision yourself free from the hurt on top of the highest mountain and you never feel like jumping off anymore because you feel light as a feather free from all your burdens. Instead you feel like flying flying high and grasping all the good things that life has to offer. You want to reach for all of the things you know you deserve. The anger that may have consumed you is far removed not able to set you on fire anymore. Your spirit is at peace and full of compassion and empathy for any person, or creature with a pulse. You’ve reached the top of the mountain peak and your looking down at your pain and smiling while looking up at the luxurious clouds. In life we can paint our path in the sky and seek the things we want and need because they are there for the taking.Just know that you are loved by other people who’s stories are filled with trials and tribulations like your own. You deserve to love yourself and embrace every flaw you feel you have as beautiful. Learn to speak life into your day by only speaking kinds words to yourself. Whatever positive message you can speak to yourself is needed to get through the easy and tough days.Let your life be a message to others that healing is obtainable and there’s joy in every journey! 

Breannon Renee’is a brilliant writer and survivor who writes to heal and to encourage other survivors who are suffering silence. Her goal is to elevate and inspire the nation with one story at a time.

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