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HUSH No More Social Media Giveaway!!

5 Lucky Winners will receive a HUSH No More Goodie Bag! Each bag includes an autographed copy of the HUSH No More Book, a HUSH No More T-shirt, and goodies that you will LOVE!



1. Post a creative picture of yourself wearing Teal on April 7, 2020 for SAAM Day of Action using hashtags #HUSHNoMore #SAAM2020

2. Share our Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure you tag us in the post. :)

3. Make a post that shares why you believe that SAAM is important.

4. Share, comment, and post throughout the month.

5. Bonus: Make a HUSH No More SAAM video!!

We will announce the top 5 individuals, who have helped us raise awareness on April 30, 2020 on our website, Instagram, and Facebook!! Don't forget to tag HUSH No More!



HUSH No More Art Therapy Giveaway!!


1. Download the HUSH No More Coloring Page. Pick from the versions below.

2. Take time out of your day by relaxing and coloring.

3. Take a picture of your art and post it on social media and tag HUSH No More.

4. If you are not on social media, email it to admin@thehushtopics.

The winner will receive a HUSH No More Goodie Bag. We will announce the winner on April 22, 2020 during our 6:00 PM Art Therapy session.

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